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I make my work in a variety of ways. I don't really think about it in terms of the process first, rather I usually engineer it backwards by putting the vision first and then deciding what process would best fit.   


For example, a stretch of river naturally lends itself to a long slender form, so a slab draped over a foam mold allows the river to be emphasized, and allows both variety, pattern, and unity.

Making 50 identical plates on the wheel makes less sense to me than using a few plaster molds to drape them over, but then using the wheel to secure strong, even feet works seamlessly. 

But a set of mugs on the wheel just can't be beat, and it's so satisfying trimming their feet and attaching pulled handles.


So I throw work on the wheel, slab build, combine these techniques, and occasionally even make pinch or coil pots. If you have a need with a specific process and form, I'll give it a try.

Maybe one day I'll narrow it down to a single technique, but I hope not.

The water etching is done in a specific way.
Typically I'll trace a river or logo from an image, then mask off that area on the dry clay with wax. When the wax dries I can scrub the dry clay and remove clay everywhere except the chosen image. Basically, its erosion by hand.

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